Oryx actively pursues value-added investment opportunities with a specific focus on acquiring existing properties with a potential for immediate repositioning and value creation.

Assisted Living/Residential Care
In the assisted living / residential care sector, Oryx seeks existing properties that have basic residential care infrastructure in place but may require capital investment to address specific expenditures such as a commercial kitchen build-out or to address deferred maintenance and cosmetic upgrades. In addition, Oryx will selectively pursue change of use strategies where the physical infrastructure is appropriate for the ultimate assisted living / residential care programming.

Multi Family
In the multi-family sector, this is accomplished via strategies that may include capital investment to address deferred maintenance, cosmetic upgrades, soft-story retrofits, Additional Dwelling Units, or unit conversions, and improving leasing and property management.

13956 San Pablo Ave, San Pablo, CA, USA
658-666 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
2395 29th Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA
201 Roanoke Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
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