Oryx Partners announces upcoming A&A Health Services Shotwell facility

Facility will be a Behavioral Health Adult Residential Care Facility

San Francisco, CA – Oryx Partners announced today that it has closed on the construction financing for a new A&A Health Services Shotwell facility, located at 658-666 Shotwell Street in San Francisco, with Fremont Bank, and that the complete physical rehabilitation of the facility is now in progress with operations scheduled to start in early 2022.  Oryx Partners purchased the vacant care facility in January 2020 and is coordinating design and construction.

A&A Health Services will operate the facility under its comprehensive step-down mental health program as an Adult Residential Facility licensed by the Department of Social Services.  A&A Health Services has developed an innovative approach that combines mental health services, therapeutic programming, support for specific daily living needs, as well as meals and housing. These services transition and integrate residents previously located in crisis centers and acute settings (ER/hospitals) back into the community via this comprehensive step-down program, breaking the cycle of clients moving from crisis centers to housing instability and back to crisis centers. 

J.C. Wallace, Principal & Co-founder of Oryx Partners and also a Co-Founder of A&A Health Services, states, “given the healthcare crisis California is facing that combines mental health issues with acute housing instability, we are excited to be able to service the community by completely rehabilitating this community care facility.”  The facility will be substantially retrofit – including new foundations, interiors, and building systems – while respecting and restoring the historic exterior of the buildings.

Betty Dominici, CEO & Co-founder of A&A Health Services added, “the need for behavioral health services accompanied by transitional housing and support is particularly acutely felt here in San Francisco and we are excited to bring our high quality and experienced operations management expertise to this facility.”  A&A Health Services will operate the facility, located at 658-666 Shotwell Street in San Francisco’s Mission District, as a community care facility – not a crisis center – to serve men and women from 18 to 59 years of age with the ability to accommodate up to 46 residents.  

About A&A Health Services:  A&A Health Services is a Bay Area based company focused on delivering innovative therapeutic and mental health services in a comprehensive transitional residential care setting.  A&A Health Services is already serving clients from multiple counties and is expanding to provide services in new locations in California.  A&A Health Services is a partnership between the principals of its two affiliated companies, Oryx Partners and Alamo Senior Living.

For more information:

J.C. Wallace:  jcw@oryxsf.com
Betty Dominici:  betty@aaahealthservices.com