201 Roanoke, San Francisco

This 8-unit building located in San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood was acquired in November 2017. Originally built in 1928, the building had been well maintained and updated to meet current codes. At acquisition, the business plan was to add two ADUs in the existing garage spaces, add a bathroom to an existing 2 Br 1 Ba unit and complete cosmetic upgrades. Oryx was able to obtain permits for the ADU’s, complete the planned improvements, and lease-up the new units within 2 years of acquisition.

The property was sold in November 2019, yielding a substantial return to investors.

Exterior Before & After

Chenery Street

Roanoke Street

Unit A Before & After: 1 Bed/1 Bath

Unit B Lower Level Before & After: Kitchen, Living Room, Laundry Room, 1/2 Bath & Pantry Room

Unit B Upper Level Before & After: 2 Bedrooms with closet & 2 Bathrooms


201 Roanoke Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
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